Minggu, 17 Oktober 2010

Council Filharmonik Petronas - Malaysia

Filharmonik Council is situated in strategic locations within the Petronas Twin Towers is also a special council of the first classical music in this country. The Board is full of charm is equipped with modern facilities and comfortable seating and of course encouraging travelers who came to visit with treats music with the sound quality is very good.
Council Filharmonik a trail for Filharmonik Orchestra consisting of rows of Malaysian local musicians and international musicians is superb. The Council is often presented concerts and traditional cultural offerings with Petronas Culture Collection.
Since beginning operations in 1998, this council has been entertaining the visitors with various orchestras together the world's leading classical musicians and jazz musicians, including the offering of traditional Malaysian music and dance offerings.
As the first special council that was built in Malaysia, the Council Filharmonik Orchestra has the desire to be the center of interest in classical music as well as other related forms of music such as jazz and world music or 'world music'.
The most interesting thing of course is that you have the opportunity to enjoy one of the amazing offerings at this Filharmonik Council although the period of time your visit just one day.
Guests are asked to wear formal clothes are appropriate for entry into this board.Indeed, this place becomes a good reason for you to look stylish!
Council Filharmonik Petronas is located in the building Berkembar Petronas Towers in Jalan Ampang. You can visit this place denganh on foot or by taxi. PUTRA LRT vehicles can take you on to KLCC. You just need to get off at the KLCC station.

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