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Tourism to the Petronas Twin Towers, Suria KLCC Mall

88 levels of Petronas Twin Towers, which is also commonly referred to KLCC twin towers of the highest in the world. The twin towers are pretty, if there are many who wrote the tower higher than this. History of high towers in the world and history of the development of these twin towers you can see in a show room located next to the ticket counter.
The tourists are allowed to rise to this tower and the tickets are given free of charge.For that you must go early in the morning so as not to run out of tickets because the number of tickets is limited.
If you are lucky enough to get a ticket to ride into the twin towers, set your camera to shoot a lot of good spots for photos. You will be taken to the tower is 42 floors where there are bridges connecting the two towers.
Just below the twin towers have a big shopping center and an elite that is named Suria KLCC Shopping Complex. You'll find plenty of exclusive shops that sell famous branded goods. Similar to Takashimaya / Paragon in Singapore.
Here too there are many tourist places of interest such as the Petronas Philharmonic Hall, where performances of classical music to jazz events, Petrosains Science Centre, Petronas Art Gallery and Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, where The Aquaria Oceanarium is located.
A visit to the Twin Towers will not begin 8:30 to 17:00 from Tuesday to Sunday. So remember do not be here monday oK?!

Council Filharmonik Petronas - Malaysia

Filharmonik Council is situated in strategic locations within the Petronas Twin Towers is also a special council of the first classical music in this country. The Board is full of charm is equipped with modern facilities and comfortable seating and of course encouraging travelers who came to visit with treats music with the sound quality is very good.
Council Filharmonik a trail for Filharmonik Orchestra consisting of rows of Malaysian local musicians and international musicians is superb. The Council is often presented concerts and traditional cultural offerings with Petronas Culture Collection.
Since beginning operations in 1998, this council has been entertaining the visitors with various orchestras together the world's leading classical musicians and jazz musicians, including the offering of traditional Malaysian music and dance offerings.
As the first special council that was built in Malaysia, the Council Filharmonik Orchestra has the desire to be the center of interest in classical music as well as other related forms of music such as jazz and world music or 'world music'.
The most interesting thing of course is that you have the opportunity to enjoy one of the amazing offerings at this Filharmonik Council although the period of time your visit just one day.
Guests are asked to wear formal clothes are appropriate for entry into this board.Indeed, this place becomes a good reason for you to look stylish!
Council Filharmonik Petronas is located in the building Berkembar Petronas Towers in Jalan Ampang. You can visit this place denganh on foot or by taxi. PUTRA LRT vehicles can take you on to KLCC. You just need to get off at the KLCC station.

Petronas Art Gallery - Malaysia

Petronas Gallery is a gallery of modern art and kontemporar located on level 3, Suria KLCC, which is the purpose of buying and selling works of Monday's Best at the Petronas Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur.This gallery is an established art institutions lay in 1993 by Petronas, the national oil union to assist the development of arts in Malaysia.Petronas Gallery provides an art space for artists kontemporar Malaysia and foreigners to show off the results of their art. Various exhibitions by local artists and galleries across the nation held by Petronas, to make the art something that can be appreciated by everyone.TipsEntrance is free. Opened: Tuesday - Sunday (10 am - 8 pm). Closed on Mondays.TransportationLocated in Suria KLCC, to the gallery is very easy to use bus, taxi, LRT (get off at the KLCC station) or train.

Road / Snack / Eating / Shopping at Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur

Bukit Bintang (or Bukit Bintang) is a shopping and entertainment district in Kuala Lumpur, and the main street area, Jalan Bukit Bintang. The area is filled with shopping malls, cafes, clubs, shops, and malls. This area is very popular among local tourists and especially the younger generation
Bukit Bintang is located between three main roads: Jalan Bukit Bintang starts from Jalan Pudu and intersects with Jalan Sultan Ismail. This area is bounded by Jalan Raja Chulan and Jalan Imbi in the north to the south. There are many hotels and restaurants are located in this area, as well as the restaurants or fine dining, a place that provides cheap meals are usually located in places that are open.
Bintang Walk
Bintang Walk is located along Jalan Bukit Bintang which is the regional shopping / shopping. This place has been much improved and changed during the last 5 years become one of the paradise for the shopaholic. Cafes, restaurants, clubs, shops, malls, and many more entertainment venues comply with this road. On weekends, thousands of local people and foreign tourists will fill this area and the Bintang Walk shopping center that is on it will be crowded once intervene. Almost every major event will be celebrated here tonight like Countdown New Year, other festivals and fashion shows, street concerts and street parties.

Credited to wikipedia.org
Bukit Bintang is one of the shopping center that offers a variety of goods, oleh-oleh/souvernir tailored to your taste and your budget. Prominent shopping centers in the city of Kuala Lumpur will normally be in this location, including Berjaya Times Square, Bukit Bintang Plaza, Imbi Plaza, Kuala Lumpur Plaza, Low Yat Plaza, Starhill Gallery, Sungei Wang Plaza, Lot 10 and the newly opened Pavilion KL.
Imbi is a commercial area located near the Bukit Bintang area and became popular tourist attractions for tourists, this area will be very crowded during holidays and peak holidays. Berjaya Times Square is one of the shopping center and hotel located in Imbi.

Credit to backpackingmalaysia
Food (Jalan Alor)
You will find many eating places along Jalan Alor, the road is designed to facilitate the hawker food with local flavors from China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and even mix them. Located on the right road of Bukit Bintang, Jalan Alor is very popular with local delicious dishes, traditionally served with the atmosphere of the open, with chairs and tables arranged along the edge of the road. Indonesia's common if we call a place to eat pavement. This is where the most crowded day and night, filled with office workers and tourists during the day in the afternoon and evening hari.Tempat is similar to street dining in Chinatown Singapore. Where no sidewalk food vendors who lined the sidewalks and there are also restaurants and stores open in the back of sidewalk traders to eat this.
Massage and Spa
For those who are tired of shopping, this area also there are many reflexology points that supposedly the most famous. You can enjoy a body massage, foot spa even in places reflexology massage that are along this road of Bukit Bintang. This massage place is usually open until late at night because usually the customer will come to this place after they tired of shopping or when they come home from work.
Hotels / Lodging
There are many hotels in this area from the low to upper class. Cheap hotel in Bukit Bintang this can be found ranging from Rp 200,000, - per night. And also there are luxury hotels in Bukit Bintang is The Grand Millennium, JW Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Royale Bintang, Novotel and the Federal Hotel.

Village Tour in Bali

World Tourism Agency also declared in the District Pupuan Carambola Village, Tabanan, Bali, a village tour.
Declare the tourist village of Tabanan Regent Carambola attended Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti and representatives of UN-WTO.
Carambola has a high spirit in the development of local tourism destinations.
Grassroots efforts in addition to preserving local cultural values, also in order to improve the quality of life of residents. The strength of society as a capital base must be completely synergized with all other related components.
Community, other than as the host, as well as the manager at once result of the efforts made audience that needs to concern all related components.

Declare the Carambola Village as a tourist or a tourist village in Bali which was marked by the signing on canvas by the Regent of Tabanan, UN-WTO and other related components.
Regent of Tabanan explained, in the development of tourist attractions, the Sapta Enchantment is an important thing that must be applied. Because the seven elements is necessary for tourists when visiting a tourist attraction.

Malaysia Airlines Open Flight to Bandung

Malaysia Airlines will open flights to the Airport Husein Sastranegara, Bandung, every day starting June 16.
The first flight from the airport Hussein will be conducted July 16 with Bandung-Kuala Lumpur route with a Boeing 737-400. The purpose of opening new routes to Bandung, said Roslan, to increase market share between Indonesia and Malaysia.
In addition, to increase the number of foreign tourists who fly with MalaysiaAirlines to various destinations such as Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Australia, Britain, and to several European countries.
Especially for Bandung-Kuala Lumpur route, Malaysia Airlines offers promotional fares starting from $ 49 to the end of July for one-way.

He said, Bandung will be the sixth destination served by Malaysia's national airline after Jakarta, Bali, Medan, Surabaya and Yogyakarta. Malaysia Airlines will connect Jakarta 38 times, seven times a week Surabaya, Yogyakarta three times, 21 times Denpasar, Medan and Bandung 12 times seven times per week.

The entry of Malaysian airlines to Bandung, the more traffic brisk flight from Kuala Lumpur, which is now operated by Air Asia flights three times a day.

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Borobudur Temple

Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the ninth century measuring 123 x 123 meters. Borobudur was built much sebeloum before Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Do you know Borobudur? This temple has 1460 relief panels and 504 Buddha effigies in it. So many people who admire and want to visit the building that this is a World Wonder Heritages. Architectural and beautiful function captivate anyone who sees it.

Samaratungga king, king of the ancient Mataram kingdom, the Dynasty was a dynasty that play a role in building the temple of Borobudur. Based on the inscription Kayumwungan revealed that Borobudur is a place of worship was completed on 26 May 824, approximately one hundred years needed to build it. Borobudur itself means a mountain having terraces, but in another sense is the monastery located on high ground.

Building Borobudur has punden berundak 10 levels. has a height 42 meters before the complete renovation and about 34.5 meters after the renovation because the lowest level below has been used as a tool for anchoring. Form the lowest level is six square and form three levels above the circle and its highest level in the form of Buddhist stupa facing to the west. Existing levels symbolizes life in humans.

The basis of the Borobudur Temple, commonly called Kamadhatu, which symbolizes the human that is still very tied to carnal lust. 4 levels above that symbolizes Rupadhatu Kamadhatu called humans who have freed themselves from worldly desires but still tied to the manner and form. At that level, the statue of Buddha placed in the open. While at three levels above where the Buddha is placed in a perforated stupa called Arupadhatu which symbolizes a man who has been free from lust, appearance, and shape. The top part is called Arupa which symbolizes nirvana, where Buddha is residing.

At each level of beautifully carved reliefs that show the level of proficiency craftsmen.Relief could be clearly readable when you walk in a clockwise direction. In the relief panels tell the story that is so legendary, that is Ramayana. In addition, there is also relief that describes the condition of the surrounding community at that time. For example, the reliefs on how farmers reflecting the rapid agricultural systems at the time and relief of sailing boat cruise is a view of the progress of society around the time was centered in the area Bergotta (Semarang).

Overall the reliefs contained in Borobudur temple reflect the teachings of the Buddha.Thus, the Borobudur temple can be used as medium of learning for immigrants who wish to study Buddhism. You can surround many narrow passage in Borobudur which explains the philosophy of Buddhism.

Unanswered questions about the temple of Borobudur is how the condition around the temple while being built and why the temple was found in the buried state. Some people say that Borobudur was originally established around the swamp and then buried by a volcanic eruption. The basis of this theory is Calcutta inscription that reads 'Amawa' which means sea of milk. The word is then interpreted as volcanic lava.

Because all the pomp and mystery of Borobudur's become an attractive tourist center to be visited. In addition to visiting the beautiful temple, you can also walk to the villages around Borobudur, like Karanganyar and Wanurejo to see people around who were making crafts.